Is Billboard Advertising still relevant?

As consumers, we are flooded with thousands of advertisements every day. Even sitting on traffic on the way to work, we are bombarded with radio ads and billboards. The questions is – do people ever really stop to look up and notice billboard advertisement or do they blend into the background and chaos.

The truth is billboard advertising is popular for many reasons. It gets advertisers’ quick and clear messages visible to large amounts of people in simple, eye-catching ways when done effectively. The messages are able to reach a relatively diverse group of people and have proven to effectively increases brand awareness and recognition, as well as lead to increases in sales. The audience is guaranteed, and hopefully, the consumer will have a better chance of finding your store or product.

However, in this 21st century we live in, more and more people are on talking on bluetooth while driving or playing with a tablet while in the passenger seat. The question remains – Are consumers really engaged? And don’t billboards have downsides? Well, yes and yes.

People do only get a small and quick window in which to view your ad, so the ad does need to be short and sweet. Plus, visibility relies on the weather and people paying attention. You cannot specifically target an audience segment well, unless your characteristic is geographic.

However, in 2009, the Arbitron National In-Car Study was published by Senior Media Research Analyst Diane William and cited in an recent article by Forbes. In this study, it was found that “71% percent of travelers often look at the messages on roadside billboards” and “37% report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one.” While this study was done quite a few years ago, this information is quite interesting and is still relevant today.

According to the study, “55% of travelers have noticed a digital roadside billboard in the past month and nearly one-third 32% have noticed one in the past week.” Since digital boards are becoming more and more common this is important to learn.

Finally, the study goes on to discuss many other findings. Not only does it prove that viewers actually learn information from billboards, but it also shows viewers recall seeing a wide range of actionable information or information they actually decided to act upon. Plus, billboard advertising was show to be “one of the last messages a consumer receives before making a buy decision” making it critical in the final decision process.

Therefore, billboards are actually extremely powerful advertising tools. Perhaps yes, people are more distracted and less aware of billboard. Yet, billboards still appear to be powerful and effective forms of advertising when done correctly. For helping with your next billboard or for more information about billboard advertising, contact Adventure Ad Agency!

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