Getting Started with Adwords

Have you been considering working on an Adwords campaign, but you don’t know where to start? It is actually a lot easier than it looks to get a basic campaign up and running. There are just four main things you need to consider.


The first is location. Everyone says location is important, and they are right. When you start a campaign, you will need to decide what area you want your ad to be seen in. If you go too far, you will be wasting money, and if you don’t go far enough, you will be missing out on potential clients.

To avoid this problem, be realistic. Where are your current clients coming from? Where is there room to grow and add more clients? You may also want to consider socioeconomic factors of the areas. You would not want to market a luxury product in a low socioeconomic area and vice versa.


People will find your ad based on a criteria of keywords that you set. You can think of keywords as short words or sayings one might type into Google to find a good or service. Adwords may suggest some key words that it thinks is best for you, but you should also put some thought into what people type into Google to find you.


Next, there is the all important budget. In Adwords, it is easiest to set a daily budget, but if you prefer to do monthly, it can be easily calculated. The actual amount you spend each day will very, but you will never spend more than you total daily budget at the end of the month each day once it is averaged out.

There is no exact science on how much you spend. It depends on the competition in your area. The best idea is to start in a middle range and be prepared to increase or decrease what you are willing to spend based on your results after the first week.


Finally, you need to decide what your advertisement will say. This is pretty easy as you are only allowed a certain amount of characters on Adwords. Your ad should be just enough to get people to want to click to go to your website to find out more. HINT: Try googling your keywords and see what other advertisements people have up. Try to be unique and different.

If you have any questions about how to get started with your Adwords campaign, contact Adventure Ad Agency today!

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