How to Develop A Marketing Plan

Advertising and marketing is not simply coming up with an idea and executing it. It involves research, planning, and strategic thinking. This all starts with creating and developing a marketing plan.

Creating a marketing plan though is a lot more work than it may appear at first glance. It takes time and a serious evaluation of your business. To help you create your own marketing plan, we have outlines the steps to a successful marketing plan.

  1. Identify business goals and objectives. To start off, you want to make sure you align everything you do with the existing brand and goals of the business. You want everything you do to build off the values and brand of the company and to further it. These goals and objectives should be kept in mind throughout the marketing plan.
  2. Perform market, product, and customer analysis. Set the target audience. Next, you need to seriously examine your product and the market it is in. This will allow you to strategize the best course of action. It will help you identify what is unique about your product and gives your a strategic advantage. Also, this is the time where you identify who your audience is. Who will be your potential customer? Using research and analytics tools, you can further categorize your customers by demographic and behavioral information.
  3. Employ a unique selling proposition. The work done in the last step to help determine what is unique about your product will help you develop your unique selling proposition. This is what your marketing and advertising should be centered around. It will give you content for your advertising.
  4. Align pricing and positioning. Before selling anything, you also need to set up the pricing and position in the market place. The product and market research done previously will allow you to determine this and set the best price for the market and consumers.
  5. Select best channels. Finally, you need to select where and how you want to advertise. You have the content for the advertisements and marketing with the unique selling proposition. You have the pricing and target customer base. Now, you need to decide what channels are best for that message and those customers. Is it social media or television? Is it print or billboards? This is up to you.

We hope this outline helps you create a great marketing plan. For help with marketing and advertising, contact Adventure Ad Agency today!

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