Yelp and Your Business

The days of phone books are almost gone, and online directories have already become a reality. To combat this change, many business are sprucing up their website and finding ways to amp up their online presence. If you are a local or small business, you have probably considered setting up a business page on yelp, but is it really worth it?

First, setting up a yelp page is fairly simple. In just five to ten minutes, you can set up your business page or claim a business page if one already exists. You will simply have to verify your affiliation to the business by entering a verification code sent to the business phone. With something this easy, it is hard to say no to.

After the site is created, you can add your business location, phone, and other information. The site allows you to include pictures. While the actual amount of stuff you have to put up is minimal, the impact can be great. I mean phone book ads never had to be huge and flashy.

Second, Yelp is actually a great resource that is widely used. It is an especially important tool for small business like restaurants or medical offices. Yelp is a great platform for potential clients in business like these to not only find you, but to get access to reviews and feedback. This review function is what draws in consumers.

Finally, Yelp is just another way for people to find you. For many people, the internet is as far as their research will go. It is their world, and the more opportunities you give people to find you the better. Yelp is a simply easy way to make sure you are reaching more people.

Best of all, once it is set up it will require very little maintenance, so yes Yelp is worth it. Phonebooks are a thing of the past. Don’t wait, sign up for Yelp and other similar sites today.

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